Floating Food Truck in Dubai Isn't Dubious at All

©. Aquatic Architects Design Studio

And it's sustainable!

When I was a child at summer camp, they told me and the other junior campers that if we were good, we would be allowed to canoe to the floating Howard Johnson on the next lake for ice cream. It turns out that it was all a lie and there never was a floating HoJo canoe-in restaurant in Algonquin Park. But now, in Dubai, there is a floating food truck, and according to the architects, it's sustainable! It is designed by Ahmed Youssef of the Aquatic Architects Design Studio, "the first architectural service provider, solely focused on water/floating developments." From Forbes:

Named Aqua Pod, this sustainable floating drive-through with a capacity of up to six staff will serve The Dubai Palm Lagoon, Al Sufouh and Kite Beach of Dubai’s Jumeirah region...The result is a hybrid floating construction running on electricity and diesel, made with sustainability in mind. According to the architect, some of the key features include a desalinating function that makes sea water potable without releasing brine discharge, plus a built-in garbage system that collects floating trash and disposes waste responsibly onshore.
aqua pod kitchen

© Aquatic Architects Design Studio

It operates either as a jet-ski-in, but "not everyone can wait by the kitchen when they are driving mega yachts or boats," so they will do deliveries by jet ski within 500 yards. The food is about as sustainable as the diesel power -- "a creative burgers menu (think beef, chicken and mozzarella burgers with curried mayo, Devil Cook or bacon jalapeno sauces)."

Aquapod rear

© Aquatic Architects Design Studio

It is all very confusing; sometimes it is electric powered, sometimes it is diesel. But one thing that is TreeHugger approved is the way they clean up after their customers, with what we have always called Producer Responsibility. According to the Telegraph:

The Aqua Pod was designed with sustainable mechanisms, the whole pod will be electronically run, this includes an electrical propulsion. The pod also has a built-in system that allows it to collect any trash in the sea, “so even if someone makes an order from us and then throws that trash into the sea — which is out of our control — the Aqua Pod can take in all that waste into one of its tanks, which is then discharged afterwards."

If only every food truck picked up after their customers. We have been going on for years about dubious designs in what we called Dubious Dubai, but this isn't dubious at all, and I hope a version of it comes to Algonquin Park soon.