New E-Bike Offering Allows Riders to Flaunt Their Electric Mobility

©. Flaunt Electric Vehicles

Flaunt Electric Vehicles just launched its first e-bike models, which feature a 40-mile range and are priced at under $1400.

Electric bicycles are coming on strong, and we're starting to see more brands and more models hitting the market almost every week, with many of them being launched via crowdfunding campaigns or other pre-order mechanisms. The latest entry is no different, except that the company plans to deliver the new bikes during the campaign, not six months to a year later, as some do.

Flaunt Electric Vehicles is in the middle of an Indiegogo campaign for its Atticus and Vicko e-bikes, and is almost a third of the way to its fundraising goal, perhaps in part because the company is promising delivery of the bikes while the campaign is still running. Of course, the new e-bike models are also being offered at a compelling price, as well as having some features that could help get more riders on the e-bike bus, so near-instant gratification isn't the only pull.

Flaunt e-bike

© Flaunt Electric VehiclesThe two models being launched by the Florida-based startup are very similar in specs, with the main difference being the Vicko's step-through frame, as opposed to the Atticus' standard frame, and both bikes include integrated headlights and brake lights, a rear cargo rack, a 36V 500W geared rear hub motor, front and rear disk brakes, and a removable 15.6Ah lithium-ion battery pack. The bikes are said to have a top speed of 20 mph, a range of about 40 miles per charge, (depending on the mode of operation, either pedal assist or throttle), and a three-hour recharge time.

The Flaunt e-bikes are also said to have a couple of other features that help them rise above their competitors, including the geared hub, which could make for more optimal operation on hills, a 'walk mode' which is a pedal-free 5 mph assist for pushing the bike, a brake sensor that cuts off the electric motor when slowing for corners, and a sine wave controller that is said to offer a smoother motor cut-in than square wave models (which can be abrupt). The bikes also feature adjustable (and lockable) front suspension for a more comfortable ride, and a back-lit LCD display for easier viewing after dark.

The Flaunt e-bike batteries are located in the rear cargo rack, directly above the wheel, which may feel a bit odd in terms of weight distribution (although probably not very different if you're used to riding with a loaded rear rack), and with a 58 lb overall weight, the bikes aren't exactly light for toting up and down stairs. However, at an early bird price of just $1350, a choice of two frame options, two tire types, and several different color schemes, as well as an expected delivery time of August, these e-bikes may very well be a good option for someone looking to ride electric right now, for under $2000. Get more info at Flaunt Vehicles, or on the Indiegogo campaign page.