Flashlight Uses Hybrid Solar and Battery Power

solar lite solar-powered flashlight photo
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This very cool light-weight flashlight caught my eye at the West Coast Green tradeshow. It is a hybrid device that makes solar powered flashlights far more reliable. The solar charger on the side of the handle uses solar or indoor lighting to charge up. But it has a couple cool tricks that make it the perfect emergency or camping companion. This flashlight charges up a whole lot more easily than having to crank away to get a little light. Instead, it uses any light source. The solar charge provides about 10 hours of light. And for longer use, the light also features two Li-Ion batteries that can provide 80 hours of light. But the best part is it is actually a hybrid that can be controlled by the user.

It doesn’t automatically switch to batteries when it starts to run out of solar juice. Instead, users can click the button once or twice to determine which power source they want to use. So for people who don’t want to use batteries at all, they don’t have to. But for people who want that extra back-up, they have it as an option.

The light can hold a solar charge for as long as three years, and is also handy in any environment because it is water proof up to 80 feet. It is priced at $25.