Five Interesting Facts That Will Make You Stop Sucking!

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That's the number of plastic straws the average American uses in a lifetime.

500 million

Every single day, Americans toss 500 million plastic straws in the trash. That's 175 billion straws per year.

Top Ten in the Ocean

According to the Ocean conservancy, plastic straws are in the top ten marine debris items (here's looking at you, cig butts and single-use shopping bags in positions #1 and #2!)


At the current rate, this is the year in which the weight of plastic in the ocean will exceed the weight of all the fish in the seas.

2.3 million

The Strawless in Seattle campaign encouraged business to voluntarily give up plastic straws, keeping 2.3 million of the persistent tubes out of the environment.

Bonus fun fact: the first artificial straws were paper

Compostable paper straws are often suggested as an alternative when you just can't stand to sip with your lips. Did you know that the first straw was invented from paper, by winding a strip around a pencil? The inventor, Marvin Chester Stone, patented the artificial straw in 1888, offering a replacement for natural rye grass straws that dissolved in the beverage and imparted a grassy taste.

We dug up these fun facts after tripping over the Strawless Ocean Stop Sucking campaign in the mainstream media. The clever ad features a number of celebrities getting "sucker punched" by an (artificial) octopus tentacle in slow motion.

Could this widespread attention to the issue finally be the last straw?