Fishing the Bluefin Tuna Away

Tuna are prone to overfishing. (Photo: José Antonio Gil Martínez [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

The bluefin tuna will be gone within a decade, probably a lot sooner. We're fishing it right into collapse.

Bluefin tuna are big fast swimmers who range widely over the earth's oceans. Since they don't spend most of their time in any one country's territorial waters, they fall outside most regulation. They're huge fish that fetch a premium price on the market, and it's estimated that three to four times as many as the offical quota mandates are landed every year.

Mitsubishi, the Japanese business conglomerate, appears to be running on the bet that bluefish tuna will soon be extinct. The Independent (U.K.) has a story about Mitsubishi's increased plunge into stocking up on tuna, which can be deep frozen for years.

The End of the Line is a soon-to-be released documentary about overfishing, the filmmakers highlight Mitsubishi and their growing stock of frozen bluefin tuna.

We won't get serious about protecting bluefin tuna until they are nearly gone. I hope there are enough to seed the recovery. It's sad.