First Eco Browser Debuts on Earth Day

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Wouldn't it be nice to support a green cause by just being online? Today, just in time for Earth Day, the first green browser breaks onto the scene. Maybe you've already heard of Flock, a social web browser that in effect, puts all your social networking sites under one roof (Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, blogger, etc.).

Powered by Mozilla Firefox and using a Yahoo search engine, the Flock Eco Edition (more editions are in the works) comes loaded with some of the top green content on the web -- and 10 percent of proceeds go to an eco cause selected by users.

"This is a new way of thinking about using a browser," explains Flock vice president of marketing Dan Burkhart. "We are creating an out of the box experience -- gathering the best of the best."


Users can drag and drop stories from TreeHugger, Think MTV, National Geographic, and Environmental News Network (ENN) to name a few onto contacts in social sites. Before the end of the year, a poll will be posted on the site that will allow you to submit charitable organizations worthy of a windfall. A running tally will keep track of the top submissions.

"The environment requires people to be informed," says Burkhart. "Collectively, this is how we can influence change." ::Flock Eco Edition
Image top: Courtesy of The Seitch Blog. Image bottom courtesy of Flock Eco Edition.