Firefly Is an Ultra-Light Camping Trailer With Legs Like a Lunar Module.

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Architect and designer Garrett Finney designed living quarters on the International Space Station, then went on to design the Cricket, an out of this world trailer that could be towed by any little fourbanger.

firefly on truck

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Now his company, Taxa, has released the Firefly, a 600 pound camper that can fit in a pickup or on a lightweight trailer. The Tiny House Blog showed it recently, but Core77 got an exclusive preview of it last October, which we missed at the time. It's a very interesting work in progress.

firelfy interior

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As displayed, it is a pretty minimal trailer, with only a pair of folding benches with storage under, and spring loaded legs on the exterior to make it easy to remove from the pickup. However, that's just the start; according to Core77,

Although he initially hopes to attract the eco-campers who require the robustness of a trailer and the serious off-roader, [Garrett] Finney also envisions industrial or disaster-relief applications, such as deploying temporary base camps in remote and disaster stricken areas.
firefly on legs

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Designer Brian Black, who also worked on the project, continues:

We borrowed many construction methods and materials from our NASA/aerospace design experience as well as our experience designing and manufacturing with the Cricket such as the use of light weight yet highly insulative composite panels. These panels are high R-value, inch thick architectural siding with .04inch aluminum skin and an eps foam core. This use of aluminum and composites allowed us to create the rugged volume seen with this prototype while keeping it weight at just over 600lbs.
installing tanks

© Garrett Finney installing water tanks

The walls of the Firefly are designed to hold water tanks and support accessories, including kitchen equipment; it is really more of a framework for future development rather than a completed trailer.

development drawings

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The development drawings by Evan Twyford are extraordinary. More at Core77 and Taxa.