Fertile Soils Need Animal Agriculture: Joel Salatin on Integrated Farming

Joel Salatin Polyface Farms photo
Video screen capture. Peak Moment

Peak Moment/Video screen capture

Joel Salatin has been described as America's most influential farmer, and with good reason. While mainstream agriculture has subscribed to the "get big or get out" school of farming, Salatin's Polyface Farms venture has been developing a deeper, more integrated approach to sustainable food production based on human-scale farming systems and a tight symbiosis between plants, animals and their human stewards.

For those who believe the vegan diet is the path to sustainability, Salatin's systems of rotational grazing and pasture will no doubt sound like (if you'll pardon the expression) putting lipstick on a pig—but as Salatin explains in the interview below with Peak Moment TV, the deep, rich soils that our current farming system is busy depleting have been brought about by the interaction of perennial plants and grazing animals.

It is true vegan diets avoid many of the worst excesses of our current farming systems. It is also true that we could recycle an awful lot of human poop to lessen the reliance on animal agriculture. But until someone can show me what a vegan world really might look like, my money is on a more enlightened form of animal agriculture playing an important role in feeding us humans for some time to come.

Folks like Joel Salatin are showing us what that might actually look like. Thanks to Peak Moment TV for another great video.