Felix the Train Station Cat Gets a Promotion

Felix's promotion came with a new job title, badge, and this sweet high-visibility jacket. (Photo: Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat/Facebook)

Felix is not just any pussycat. This feisty feline is a proud employee of Transpennine Express and has worked at the U.K.'s Huddersfield Train Station for the last five years. Her hard work and dedication in the field of pest control management recently earned her a promotion: she got a new job title and a uniform. Her other reward is a seemingly endless supply of yummy treats.

Felix first came to the train station when she was a 9-week-old kitten, and she has worked hard keeping the platform pest-free ever since. The kitty has been a commuter favorite for years — she even has her own Facebook page — but now that word has spread about her official job title and status, she's enjoying a level of new level of fame and fortune.

The station also has a kitty door so that Felix can come and go from the platform as necessary:

Don't worry, Felix isn't letting her new Internet status go to her head. She's still hard at work every day, patrolling the platform for pests. But as her co-worker told BuzzFeed news, "She’s getting more treats and more attention, so all in all she's very happy."