Daily Deals from Guffly.com

By Kristin Underwood
Aug. 12, 2009, 12:33 p.m.

Guffly Green Shopping Logo Image

Image via: Guffly.com

Hot on the heels of Ecosteal.com is the new Guffly.com, which claims that it just might be the "lovechild of eco-friendly and style." Daily deals on green items are just a click away.

Guffly Team Photo

Guffly Team. Image via: Guffly.com

Just like Ecosteal, Guffly offers one green, organic or natural item at a discount per day. A new item is posted each morning and is on sale until they all sell out. New day, new item. The items are chosen for their ability to appeal to the young, urban market, as owners Jordan Contreras and Chanell Scott feel that green, stylish items are not easy to find for the modern consumer and they want to change that. The name Guffly comes from the combination of "good" and "stuff" - thus their mission of Good Stuff for Good Living. They also heard the term "guff" used in co-ops to refer to the community items sold, and Guffly wants their site to also be a community of green people.

Items available will range from fashion to housewares to even pet items and all are eco-friendly and fair trade. All items will be directly shipped from the supplier to reduce the amount of travel and emissions generated with each sale. Don't let these deals go to your head though, as while it's great to have green options, who really needs more "stuff"? :Guffly.com
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