How Green is Hollywood?

By Iris Coates
Oct. 22, 2007, 11:03 a.m.


Earlier this month, there was a report in the Telegraph on eco-trendy Hollywood still being a major polluter.

The story highlights the business’s high energy consumption, despite doing its best to flaunt its green credentials, which range from A-list actors driving hybrid cars to red carpets made from recycled plastic bottles. According to campaigners however, it is all style and no substance as the entertainment industry remains one of the biggest polluters in Southern California.

According to a two-year study by the University of California, special effect explosions, vehicles and diesel generators make the film and television production second only to the oil industry in terms of polluting emissions as well as being incredibly resource and energy consuming. Then there’s also the waste produced from out-of-use sets.However, studio executives insist that changes are being made in response to growing public awareness about climate change to reduce their environmental footprint, ranging from off-setting and recycling to tutorials to celebrities like Paris Hilton on how to be more green. We’ve also seen MTV’s version of Hollywood going green and celebrity chefs throwing green parties in Hollywood.

We think all efforts to be more environmentally friendly should be applauded, and Hollywood’s efforts and trends are definitely pointing in the right direction. We do feel however that more could still be done to minimize their impact and curb one of the most polluting industry’s consumption and pollution... So watch this space!