Parenting trends are going green for 2018

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Pinterest has released its list of predicted trends for next year, and it looks like TreeHugger's eco-minded philosophies are catching on!

Pinterest has released its annual list of predicted trends for 2018. Based on the popularity with which certain topics are searched and 'pinned,' Pinterest offers a numbers-based peek at what people are thinking about these days, from fashion and food to men's style and travel. The parenting trends are particularly interesting, as many of them reflect the eco-minded approach that we advocate here at TreeHugger. A few of our favorite picks from the list:

1. Old-style wooden toys

It looks like parents are growing more aware of the risks (and non-recyclability) of plastic toys, as well as the many benefits of wood. Searches for wooden toys were up 173 percent in 2017.

2. Eco-friendly baby clothes

From cloth diapers to recycled clothes to plant-based fabrics, parents are caring more than ever about what's sitting next to baby's skin. Searches for 'eco-friendly clothing' were up 750 percent in 2017. This is a great thing! Not only does it cut down on waste, but it is far healthier for babies, as conventional new clothes are often laden with toxic chemicals, as research by Greenpeace has shown.

3. Modern nurseries

Parents are moving away from the cutesy baby-themed rooms of the past toward more mature, adult-like spaces. They want to decorate with furniture that can be reused, that won't feel outgrown within a few years. A popular offshoot of this is the removable wall decal, up 219 percent in searches over this past year. Removable wall art is a great way to redecorate with minimal cost and impact -- both great TreeHugger values.

4. Meal-prepping ahead of baby's arrival

It seems that parents are more concerned than ever with getting food prep in order before giving birth. A search reveals hundreds of slow cooker freezer meals prepared in huge batches. We're all about the meal planning, the budgeting, and making use of one's freezer; and if having a baby is an excuse to get started, we can only hope that habit will continue for years to come.

5. Forts as furniture

This isn't exactly TreeHugger-ish, but we are big fans of clever multipurpose spaces, and our post on cozy blanket forts was a popular one last winter. Having a permanent fort in a kid's room means you won't be constantly harping at them to put back the sofa cushions and blankets (a common refrain in my household).

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