Family of Four Grows Their Food in a Swimming Pool

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Food Doesn't Get More Local Than That

A family living in Mesa, Arizona, has decided to convert an old unused backyard swimming pool into a very productive DIY urban greenhouse, which they named Garden Pool. Within a small, mostly enclosed space, they grow all kinds of vegetables and herbs, as well as raise chickens and tilapia fish. They started this project in 2009 and expected to be "self-sufficient" by 2012, but they've reached that goal this year, getting "8 fresh eggs a day, unlimited tilapia fish, organic fruit, veggies, and herbs 365 days a year" (though I'm not sure if by self-sufficient they mean that they could theoretically live off the amount of food the Garden Pool produces, or if they actually do it). Check out the video tour of the Garden Pool below.

An Oasis in the Desert

The Garden Pool combines the following techniques (and is obviously a work in progress that should improve as time goes on -- if you look at the early pictures, you'll see what I mean):

There's a more detailed list of things they grow and facts about the Garden Pool here. Here's a diagram of the bio-filtration process:


The Garden Pool is also off-grid thanks to solar PV!


As you can see, space is used very efficiently.

gardenpool photos

Upside down tomatoes with radishes growing on top.

Growing Your Own Food is Easy & Fun
While you might not want to go quite as far as the Garden Pool, having a garden and growing some of your own food can be both a relaxing hobby and a green way to feed yourself. Just stay away from pesticides and other toxic products...

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