This Ebike Conversion Kit Has a 100-Mile Range, and Doubles as an Indoor Trainer

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©. Falco eMotors

The new Falco eDrive promises to turn your bicycle into a long-range ebike, as well as enabling off-season and inclement weather indoor training.

In the booming ebike and electric mobility sector, manufacturers are always looking for a way for their products to stand out from the crowd, and a new ebike conversion kit from Falco eMotors is a great example of a multifunctional bike accessory that aims to keep you in the saddle year-round. We first covered Falco's ebike products a few years ago, when the company was looking to crowdfund its cardio-controlled electric wheel kit (which ultimately failed to reach its funding goal), and while its new ebike conversion kit also has a training component, the approach is decidedly different this time.

The new Falco eDrive, which was launched yesterday at CES 2017, is a drop-in rear electric drive wheel powered by a frame-mounted 400Wh lithium-ion battery pack said to be capable of a 100+ mile range per 6-hour charge, which can convert a conventional bicycle into a long-range ebike. And while turning your bike into an ebike with a long riding range isn't that different from similar electric bike conversion kits, where the rubber meets the road (or the rug, as it were), is in its integrated and interactive "smart power trainer" for indoor spinning.

Here's the 30-second video pitch:

Falco eDrive broadcasts power (watts) to apps such as Zwift, Bkool, TrainerRoad, etc. and automatically allow variation of the resistance to match changing terrain and conditions. Falco eDrive even vibrates to simulate 'road feel.' This real-time feedback loop provides the most immersive riding experience. Falco eDrive connects to the apps wirelessly via ANT+ using a USB ANT+ stick or Bluetooth Smart(BLE).

Here's a bit longer of a look at the system:

Falco eDrive eCiti electric bike

© Falco eMotors

The Falco eDrive drop-in system is priced at $1149 (wheel, battery, trainer bundle), and is also available as a complete bicycle (road bike geometry), the eCiti, for those who'd rather get a dedicated electric bicycle, at a cost of $1995. A five year warranty on the motor, and a two year warranty on the battery, are included. A number of different wheel sizes are available (700c, 650B, and 26", 24", and 20"), and deliveries are expected to begin this summer.