38 Facts About How Animals See the World

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From a bird's super clear vision to a spider's 16 eyes and the gecko's extreme sensitivity to color, there's more to animals' eyes than meets the eye.

While it's easy to take the givens in nature for granted, when one takes the time to explore the details everything from the leaves of a tree to the anatomy of an elephant trunk can be rabbit-hole fascinating. Or at least to nature nerds like me! But I know I'm far from alone. There's such beauty in learning about how the natural world works; heightening the appreciation for the little things makes life better, I say. It can also make for a very boring cocktail party guest – "Did you know that an elephant's trunk has 150,000 muscle bundles in all?" – but that's a small price to pay for being enchanted by the magic of the planet.

The animal world in particular, in all its vastness and intricate engineering, is really filled with wonderful wonders. And because of that, I'm feeling fond of this infographic from helpucover. It's a neat and tidy exploration of the many marvels of animal vision. And since most human animals seem to like non-human animals – and since vision is a sense that we share with other animals – it's a fun way to put the natural world in perspective, so to speak.

See what I mean?

How animals see the world

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