Facepalm of the Week: Non-Gmo Salt!?

Facepalm moment

 Brandon Grasley / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Someone in the marketing department over at Himalania got a little over-exuberant about pointing out the benefits of their pink sea salt when they included a big fat "Non-GMO Project" icon on their label.

Non-GMO Rock Salt

Salt is not living. Salt cannot, by definition, be genetically modified. There is no G to M because salt is not an O.

This makes both Himalania and the Non-GMO Project look pretty bad. Himalania could reasonably be accused of deceitful marketing here while the Non-GMO Project appears to have very, very lax standards on how their label is used.

Thanks to my friend Jes for taking the picture in the store and sharing it.