Extreme Composting: Watch Black Soldier Grubs Devour Burger in 5 Hours (Video)

black soldier fly hamburger photo
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Yesterday I posted a video on how to build a DIY grub composter, and I have written before about a commercially available grub composter that turns waste into animal feed in hours. But little did I know that there is a whole plethora of online videos about black soldier flies and what they can devour. This incredible time lapse footage shows a beefburger practically disappear in a few short hours.

But what, besides speed of disposal, is the point of it all?

The video above is extraordinary due to the speed at which food—and cooked meat at that—can be disposed of without the need for landfill. That, in itself, should provide a serious sustainability incentive for black soldier fly composting. But how else do black soldier flies stack up against more established methods, like worm composting, for example?

As another grub fanatic's video below explains, the end product is somewhat different from vermicomposting—in that you end up with a whole lot less compost. What you do end up with, however, is a huge amount of protein-rich grubs that can be fed to chickens, or fish, or even turned into biodiesel. They also, according to the video, are a great way to dispose of human waste if needed. And they even repel other flies!

Black soldier flies may not be for everyone. But they certainly seem like a promising option for those with a steady supply of food waste, and some hungry (animal) mouths to feed.