This Exotic Electric Sports Car Seats Four People, Hits 160 MPH, & Has a 370 Mile Range

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The Dubuc Motors Tomahawk is a mean green head-turning machine.

When it comes to cars, there will always be at least two basic markets - the practical, and the awesome. While the Chevy Bolt is catering to the practical, and the forthcoming Tesla Model 3 seems to be aimed at the same (OK, maybe practical with a sprinkle of awesome), the folks at Dubuc Motors are shooting for an entirely different demographic, those who want something decidedly exotic, yet also zero-emission. It might even qualify as 'practical' as well, because it can carry a few passengers along for the ride.

The Tomahawk, which is most certainly not going to fall in the category of affordable for most people looking for a new car, is described as "The most practical and high end sports car approved by Mother Nature," and promises to be one fast and furious electric machine.

It's a four-seater (or 2+2, for the gearheads) sports car, which some might argue makes it not a sports car, by definition, and it's designed to be comfortable for the big and tall crowd, which is also something that seems at odds with the classification of sports car. However, no matter what the "right" classification is, there's no mistaking the fact that the Tomahawk is a sleek and sexy clean machine that is sure to turn heads.

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk

© Dubuc Motors

I had come across some images of the Tomahawk over the last few months, which were enough to make me want to put this car on my wish list (OK, so it was the wish list for if I ever inherit a boatload of cash, but still) and I recently got the opportunity to ask a few questions about the vehicle. The founders of the Dubuc Motors, Mike Kakogiannakis and Mario Dubuc, were kind enough to answer my questions.

What stage are you at with the production vehicle? (I see that you're aiming for a 2017 launch, but can you pin that down any?)
We will unveil at the CES in early 2018, production will start shortly after.

Where is the car being built?The 2 production vehicles serving as demos for the unveiling are being built in Quebec, the location for production is still pending. We are still in discussions and negotiations at this time.

Are you building to order (only filling reservations, or aiming for a particular production level for the first year)?
The factory will be a manual production assembly line, we expect to sell 100 vehicles in our first year and foresee a yearly production of 1500 once ramped-up.

Can you share any additional details on the vehicle, such as battery chemistry and size (kWh), charge time, estimated battery lifecycle, motor specs, curb weight, etc.?
As far as the charging time it will depend on the charging unit/station you are connected to.
Length 188"
Wheelbase 110"
Width 80"
Height 47,5"
Clearance With air suspension 4" - 6"
Seating capacity 2+2
Curb weight 4,250 lbs
Weight distribution Front 50%, Rear 50%
Battery: 100 kWh, lithium-ion
Powertrain: All-wheel drive, front and rear liquid-cooled motors

[Additional specs and details at the end of this post.]

What sets the Tomahawk apart from the other high-end EVs?
The Tomahawk comfortably sits in a class of its own for several reasons.
1) It’s the only 4 seater ALL electric sportscar available on the market
2) Catered to the big’n’tall
3) It can be as practical as a sedan
4) There is practically NO maintenance
5) Much more torque thus extremely fun to drive
6) Fully connected, intelligent
7) Finally cargo space!
8) Appeals to modern families much more
9) Sick look
These are some of the characteristics, but the key word is VALUE.

Can you expand a bit on who your target market is?
Trendy, urban and cosmopolitan coastal city customer between 25–65 years of age, more specifically the successful entrepreneur, wealthy person who wants a high-end sports car. Someone who also needs to show off & brag their wealth, seeking guaranteed recognition through this exotic supercar, a SHOW STOPPER and a hot trend. The Tomahawk was designed for the big & tall in mind, opening a huge market for professional athletes and enabling them to acquire an exotic vehicle that meets their needs.

What was/is the inspiration for this vehicle? Is there a backstory you can share with us?
The inspiration comes from driving exotic cars that didn’t respond to our needs nor the ones of many around us. The automobile industry caters to the masses but they leave out a big market who would otherwise enjoy the feel of driving a luxury high-end sports car. Mario and I have since been working on the Tomahawk for over a decade. We realized we wanted to create the first, all-electric 2+2 sports car after meeting and discovering we had a shared interest in cars. Our interest in creating an EV started as kids, for myself I [Mike] was a big fan of Steven Seagal and watching through a child’s lens his closing speech in the 1994 movie On Deadly Ground sparkled an immediate crave to discover and one day create the ultimate sports car. Mario bought his first car at age 14, not to drive it but rather to take it apart and re-build it. Mario has been designing cars since he was 16.

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk

© Dubuc Motors

Tomahawk specs and additional details:

Lightweight Carbon body and Aluminum
UV and infrared blocking safety glass windshield
Glass roof
Cissors doors
Hidden door handles
20" aluminum alloy wheels
LED headlights
LED daytime running lights
LED rear taillights

Tomahawk is an electric vehicle all-wheel drive.
Front and rear motors liquid-cooled.
100 kWh, lithium-ion battery
Double wishbone suspension
Adjustable air suspension
Traction Control- torque vectoring
Anti-Lock disc brakes (ABS) and electronically actuated parking brake;

Universal Mobile Connector

Four Leather racing seats
Leather and Carbon interior surfaces
Center armrest with induction charger
200 watt stereo system

Touchscreen with media and communication,
Hands-free controls
Three spoke, multi-function steering wheel
Tire pressure monitoring system

Onboard computer
Live 360 degree camera
Maps and navigation
Mobile connectivity
Keyless entry
Cruise Control
High definition backup camera
Power tilt and telescopic steering column
Power windows
Micro-filter ventilation system with replaceable filters
Front and rear cargo area
12 V power outlet
Automatic climate control with temperature zone settings
Wi-Fi ready
Active safety technologies, collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking
Sport driver and front passenger safety belts
Crash sensor for high voltage disconnect
Interior, manual release mechanism for all doors, front trunk, and rear cargo area
Anti-theft alarm and immobilizer system

Dubuc Motors is is currently in the "Test the Waters Phase" for Title IV investments, and has generated a lot of interest (more than $6 million worth) on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. The company is taking reservations for the Tomahawk with a refundable $5000 deposit, and the estimated retail price of the car is about $125,000.