European Toilet Carrier Redesigned for American Market, Fits in 2x4 Wall

gerberit wall mounted toilet bracket
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When I asked Why Are North American Toilets So Crappy?, questioning why we don't use European-style wall-hung toilets, almost all of the commenters suggested that I was, well, full of it. Complaints ranged from a) they are not as efficient to b) you cannot service it to c) they are too expensive to d) why am I writing ads for Geberit?

But in fact, I learn from Jetson Green that it is none of the above.

geberit toilet image

Image credit Geberit UK.

In fact, the Geberit in-wall carrier is a dual-flush unit with a 1.6 gallon or 1.8 gallon flush, has been redesigned to fit within a 2x4 wall (they have to make the thing only 3.5 inches deep!) and it only costs $462 on Amazon. That doesn't include the actual toilet, but still, is far less costly than I would have expected.

There is a reason that almost every commercial bathroom installation uses wall hung toilets; it is much more sanitary, much easier to clean. Now it even takes up less space.