Eraser Turns Chalk Dust Into New Chalk Sticks

chalkeeper concept image
©. Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo via Yanko Design

How do we solve that old, old problem of chalk dust in classrooms? And at the same time solve the problem of running out of that laaaaast little nub of chalk? Two designers think they have the solution.

chalkeeper concept image

© Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo via Yanko DesignThis eraser collects the chalk dust with a tiny motor, then uses heat and water to create a new stick of chalk out of what is collected. Yanko Design calls it magical, and, well, it must be since I'm not sure how this tiny thing would be able to collect enough dust to make a substantial piece of chalk in a reasonable amount of time, let alone do so in such a tiny little package. Where does the water and heat come from, anyway? And how many sticks of chalk would it need to make before the user sees a return on investment? Chalk sticks are, after all, pretty darn cheap. And how many will it make before it breaks...?

This is vaporware, but we like the thought behind it. Ways to take dust that we usually suck up with a vacuum cleaner or let blow away in the wind as we smack two erasers together and turning it back into a useful writing tool is worth pondering. If it doesn't solve this particular problem, it could lead to solutions elsewhere. Using "waste" to create something new and useful is always an intelligent line of thinking.

But still, it's back to the blackboard with this one.