Enviva is Making a Difference in North Carolina Communities

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Even though Enviva, a leading global energy company specializing in sustainable wood bioenergy, opened its first plant in North Carolina just 10 years ago, its engagement in communities across the state would lead you to believe that they have been around for decades.

Enviva has planted roots in North Carolina that have grown into economic opportunities, jobs, and valuable community partnerships. A few examples include its work with Habitat for Humanity, which includes providing financial support and volunteers, allowing Habitat to expand its home building program and home repair work. In the city of Hamlet in Richmond County, Enviva partnered with Richmond Community College, hiring graduates, sponsoring training programs, and supporting a foundation that encourages residents to go back to college and complete unfinished degrees.

Enviva’s dedicated community relations team has empowered communities by partnering with local leaders, clergy, nonprofit organizations, and elected officials. Through outreach, volunteer activities, and direct sponsorship, Enviva offers a helping hand to its neighbors, providing school supplies, food bank donations, facilitating Wi-Fi access, and other support during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We listen to members of the community, and they help us determine how our assistance can be most impactful,” said Enviva Community Relations Manager Chris Brown.

Rob Ransom, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Richmond Senior High School, shared, “Having something new and 21st century-like, like Enviva, come into Richmond Country has definitely been a plus.”

Today, Enviva operates four plants and one port export terminal in North Carolina and employs 500 people while supporting more than 1,800 jobs. Enviva is committed to playing a positive role in the lives of the citizens of North Carolina communities, including Richmond County, where Enviva's Hamlet plant is located.

Working together, Enviva and its North Carolinian neighbors are creating a brighter future. Learn more about these efforts in this Treehugger video.