Zero carbon Britain is possible by 2030, claims new report

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When the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) was first founded in a quarry in Wales, most people thought it was a bunch of hippies pursuing an idealist pipe dream.

Since then, renewable energy has become a major and rapidly growing source of mainstream energy, and CAT has become Europe's leading eco-center.

But the good folks at CAT aren't content for clean energy to claim just a piece of the Global energy pie.

They want all of it. And they want it now. They have already released a report claiming that a Zero Carbon Britain is feasible by 2030. Since then, much has changed.

The economy has crashed. The recession has rumbled on. And science has been piling on the evidence that irreversible climate change is almost certainly upon us.

So it's within this context that CAT releases it's third incarnation of Zero Carbon Britain, claiming that a rapid decarbonization of the UK could be achieved by massively ramping up wind power and other renewables; aggressive efforts to promote energy efficiency and demand management; incentives to shift the UK's diet away from animal products to both combat obesity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and managing fluctuation of renewables supply by meeting shortfalls through using synthetic gas made from renewable, sustainably grown biomass energy crops.

Sure, these are all tall orders—the concept of shifting Brits from eating bangers and mash being the tallest. But then the challenge we are facing is a pretty tall one too.

The full report is available to download here. We'll be checking it out and reporting some more on its findings.

Zero carbon Britain is possible by 2030, claims new report
We don't need to wait for a break through, say researchers. A zero carbon Britain is feasible using today's technology.

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