When the Netherlands bans gas cars (2030), coal will be gone too

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The Netherlands is known for its bike-friendly culture, but a lot of Dutch still drive cars. So news back in 2016—however tentative—that the country might mandate zero emission cars by 2035 was a welcome sign of where things are headed globally. Now Electrek reports that the Dutch coalition government, after months of negotiations, has confirmed plans to ban gas and diesel car sales in 2030.

That's five years earlier than previously reported!

Of course, electric car skeptics on both sides of the pond will scoff at the idea of "zero emission" cars. They're powered by coal after all, right? Not in the Netherlands. Because, as reported by Reuters, the same coalition government has just announced that all coal-fired power plants will close by, you guessed it, 2030 too.

Yes, as Lloyd will tell you, banning fossil fueled cars is not enough. But by 2025, all of Amsterdam's buses will be fully electric, a whole bunch of Dutch power will come from cow poop, and bicycling culture won't be going anywhere either.

Gas car bans and coal plant closings are no panacea. But they sure are a useful tool in the arsenal.

Dank u wel, Nederlands!

When the Netherlands bans gas cars (2030), coal will be gone too
Two big announcements from one small nation.

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