What Rio+20 Is All About in Just Over a Minute (Video)

The Rio+20 environmental conference is really right around the corner now. You've no doubt seen preliminary statements from every green group under the sun saying what has to happen in Brazil for the conference to be a success—as well as increasingly earnest statements from the UN itself that nations need to really get down to business and solve their differences over language in the document everyone will hopefully agree to, lest the talks fall apart.

If all of this has gone entirely over your head so far, don't worry. UNDP has produced this short video explaining what will be going on at the conference, what sustainable development is all about, why we need to come up with better measurements of the economy than GDP, and why we desperately need to green the economy if we're going to have much of a chance of continuing civilization at anything approaching our current level of comfort into the next century.

Hint: All of this has absolutely nothing to do with an imminent UN takeover of your house, elimination of private property, forced sterilization, black helicopters, or the ending of human rights, despite what whackjob John Birchers and the state of Alabama would have you believe. All the anti-Agenda 21 people out there: You're seriously, hugely, deluded and misinformed about what the UN tries to do and actually has the capability to do. Night and day, black and white, up is down. Seriously.

TreeHugger will have a reporter on the ground in Rio, covering all that's happening both in the conference and, equally importantly, outside in the streets. You can keep up to date with the latest at TreeHugger: Rio+20

What Rio+20 Is All About in Just Over a Minute (Video)
In case you're not up to speed on what's going on at the Rio+20 environmental conference, UNDP has produced this quick video that will explain both what sustainable development is and why we so desperately need it.

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