Watch the Climate HOAX Melt in D.C. Tomorrow

350 hoax melt image

Despite the record-breaking temperatures registered across the nation, the rampant, also-record-breaking wildfires, and unusually outspoken climate scientists, the media isn't making the link between extreme weather and climate change. And, as always, the power structure in D.C. is all but incapable of acknowledging the events unfolding anywhere outside of the beltway.

So climate advocacy group is staging a stunt to drive the point home. From their release:

thanks to the power of the fossil fuel industry, the denialists still reign in DC: last year the House of Representatives voted to reject the widely accepted scientific consensus that human activities are causing climate change. The mainstream media isn't helping much either: only 3% of the stories about the wildfires even mentioned climate change.
So tomorrow we’re going to DC to deliver a message to the climate deniers. In fact, the sun is going to deliver the message -- we’re just going to help. We're planning on setting up gigantic blocks of ice that say "Hoax?" right in the heart of DC. We'll see just how long it takes to melt away. Not long, probably -- the forecast is for over 100 degrees tomorrow.
350 is accepting donations to help sponsor the event, and they'll turn over half of everything they get to the Red Cross. There are a lot of people out there who've been pretty screwed over by this most recent spate of climate change-fueled disasters, after all.

Watch the Climate HOAX Melt in D.C. Tomorrow is celebrating the demise of the idea that climate change is a made-up conspiracy by melting a giant ice sculpture in Washington D.C.

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