Wake-up Call Climate Report from U.S. Government Made Public

climate modelNASA/Public Domain

The Draft is Available for Public Review

The National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC? Governments love acronyms!) has released a draft of the report on climate change that it will soon submit to the US government. What makes it stand out from other reports is how it doesn't bury its central points under tons of hyper-cautious language, and how once the report is published, it will officially be an official document of the United States government (for what that's worth).

If you are brave and want to have a look at the whole thing, you can do so here: NCADAC Draft Climate Assessment Report.

But if you want a succint overview, the New York Times' Green Blog has a good piece: An Alarm in the Offing on Climate Change

See also: NASA To Send ATTREX Probe Over Pacific To Study Changing Climate

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