Turn Your Clocks Back an Hour, If You Have a Clock

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We really don't need to remind people to turn their clocks back anymore; so many people use their phones instead of watches now. But the time did change this morning, and one has to wonder why.

Daylight Saving Time started in World War 1 as a way of keeping factories running longer by having more daylight. Then it was justified by Jimmy Carter as a way of saving energy. Now that we are in an artificially lit and air conditioned world, there are studies that show that it actually uses more energy. Changing times, even just an hour, messes up our bodies; according to Scott Sutherland for Yahoo News,

Switching the clocks back and forth has been found to have a profoundly negative effect on our circadian rhythms — how our bodies regulate by the cycle of day and night — affecting us for weeks afterwards. This can offset any benefit of more sunlight later in the day, causing an overall negative effect on our health and possibly resulting in more traffic accidents.

It's about time we ended this charade. What do you think?

Turn Your Clocks Back an Hour, If You Have a Clock
Every year, this ritual of daylight saving time seems more pointless

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