Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Removed From Office For Conflict of Interest

Rob Ford hates bikes. He loves plastic bags, big SUVs, hijacking buses, reading while driving, and generally being a big jerk, or as Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing called him, being Mayor Laughable Bumblefuck. Now the embarrassment that was Mayor of Toronto is out of a job thanks to a conflict of interest ruling. He could have got off if the judge accepted that Ford's actions were an error in judgement, but the judge found otherwise:

The Mayor of Toronto has many responsibilities, pressures, and functions, but perhaps the greatest is providing leadership for integrity in government. The Mayor is the face of City government, both internally and externally. Maintaining the integrity of government is the Mayor’s most important job.

In view of the respondent’s leadership role in ensuring integrity in municipal government, it is difficult to accept an error in judgment defence based essentially on a stubborn sense of entitlement (concerning his football foundation) and a dismissive and confrontational attitude to the Integrity Commissioner and the Code of Conduct. In my opinion, the respondent’s actions were characterized by ignorance of the law and a lack of diligence in securing professional advice, amounting to wilful blindness. As such, I find his actions are incompatible with an error in judgment.

It is not clear whether City Council will elect an interim mayor or call a special election, or whether Rob Ford could run in it.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Removed From Office For Conflict of Interest
The buffoon Mayor will be gone in 14 days.

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