Tim DeChristopher Moved Into Isolated Confinement Unit

Imprisoned environmental activist, and TreeHugger person of the year, Tim DeChristopher has been moved into an isolation unit, and his correspondence with the outside world curtailed, Peaceful Uprising reports.

Apparently, DeChristopher was moved into the isolation unit because an unidentified Congressman complained about an email that DeChristopher sent "inquiring about the reported business practices of one of his legal fund contributors, threatening to return the money if their values no longer aligned with his own."

DeChristopher is now being held in an 8x10' cell, shared with one other inmate. He is allowed one book in the cell at a time, allowed to write only with a bare ink cartridge, allowed 15 minutes a month of telephone calls, and is let out of his cell for exercise twice a week.

He has been held in these conditions for at least two weeks, and will be held there until the investigation has been concluded, which could be months.

DeChristopher is currently serving a two-year sentence for disrupting oil and gas auctions of land in Utah, themselves later ruled illegal. If you're not up to speed on DeChristopher's activism, check out the related links to the left.

Tim DeChristopher Moved Into Isolated Confinement Unit
An unnamed Congressman has complained about one of DeChristopher's emails. Now Tim will be in isolation until an investigation is completed. That is, indefinitely.

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