Texas Republicans Attack Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Sustainable Development and All of Europe

For those who think that Agenda 21 is going away, or that it is only the preserve of a few crazies, read this and weep: Passed by the Republican Party of Texas. I repeat it in its entirety, just highlighting my favorite features. There is nothing that I can add.

Mitt better not start speaking in French in Texas, they sure hate Europeans.

Texas Opposition to United Nations Sustainable Development and All Entities Involved in Implementation of Such Programs

WHEREAS, according to the European model, privately held property is not viewed as an absolute right given by a benevolent Creator, but is viewed as a mere privilege granted by government with the clear understanding that every benefit so conferred carries with it a corresponding public social obligation which burden can never be severed or removed in order for liberty to be enjoyed by the owner or user, and

WHEREAS the Medieval concept of feudal “noblesse oblige”, which has survived today under the modern form of European socialistic egalitarianism, essentially unchanged, still requires that all property ownership and use by civilly burdened by public obligations for the greater good of society, and

WHEREAS, by a deliberate and conscious act, in diametric opposition to that of the European doctrine and practice, the Americans conceived a new understanding of civil justice and political government, based on the notion of certain natural, God-given, and unalienable rights and liberties, granted to every individual in order that every man might be free to be self-governing under Nature and Nature’s God, accountable to Him alone for his own life and liberty and property, as long as he did not violate the equal natural, God-given, and unalienable rights and liberties of all other citizens and his fellow inhabitants, for which purpose civil governments are instituted among men in order to secure those fundamental objects, and

WHEREAS, the people of the State of Texas subscribe entirely to the latter vision of freedom and property and self-government under Nature and Nature’s God, and thoroughly reject the tyranny of globalism in the form of Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, and

WHEREAS the RPT stands for the full restoration of constitutional justice, individual liberty, and limited government, including the securing of our natural individual rights, liberties, and properties,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Republican Party of Texas through the whole body of the State Republican Executive Committee, that the people of Texas shall remain free (1) religiously, (2) socially, (3) economically, and (4) politically, according to our natural rights and liberties granted to us by God, and guaranteed to us constitutionally by our supreme political sovereign in acknowledgement thereto, in order that our fundamental rights and liberties shall be held inviolate forever, standing in opposition to all forms of religious, social, economic, and political globalism as set forth in the United Nations Agenda 21 Program together with all the implementing projects of Sustainable Development currently operating in this State or intending to be installed, funded, and operated in the future including the step by step abolition of private property; the setting aside of State lands for the international Wildlands Project; the irrational expansion of burdensome EPA regulations to inhibit our rational economic development; the systematic collectivization of human populations into high density housing settlements located in designated urban areas, under the restrictive policies of smart growth cities in order to depopulate the suburban neighborhoods and the rural areas to be declared unsustainable communities; the increasing activity of extra-constitutional bodies and non-elective governing councils, which operate regionally to plan and implement the 1992 UN Agenda 21 Program throughout our State, without being accountable to the people’s will and pleasure; the educational mandates which seek to “re-educate” our children to become global citizens instead of self-governing free citizens of this State under our form of constitutional government; the comprehensive control of all our population and its reduction to sustainable levels and the socialization of all activities by their relocation to highly restricted urban settlement centers; the redefining of our current justice system from “equal justice” under law to “social justice” under very different laws of “distributive justice”, where the common good is redefined to exclude all natural rights and liberties, in clear contravention of our current Constitution; the introduction of “public-private partnerships” to erase the essential distinction between free enterprise and public government for the unjust economic enrichment of the few; the reassignment of new values where plants and animals and even inanimate objects are given equal status or even greater rights than those now enjoyed by natural individuals and citizens; all designed to destroy our fundamental rights and liberties as a people, hitherto enjoyed under our system of just government, in order to transform us from men made in the image of God to men re-made in the image of compelled beings, oppressed, having no acknowledged rights or liberties held inviolate; all designed by the enemies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in order to reduce us to misery and bondage, without hope or God or natural moral absolutes.

This was passed by the people that run the Republican Party, which pretty much runs the State of Texas. Download PDF here. When the vote passed, one Agender activist cheered: “The stars are shining a little brighter in Texas now!”

Texas Republicans Attack Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Sustainable Development and All of Europe
You may think that the Agenders are just an extreme fringe, but this is what the State Republican Party of Texas just passed.

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