Texas Keystone XL Protesters Hit With Restraining Order

eleanor fairchild daryl hannah keystone xl protest photoStephen Da Silva, Tar Sands Blockade/CC BY 2.0

Protesters from Tar Sands Blockade, currently undertaking a variety of direct action tactics against preliminary land clearance of the as-yet-to-be-approved Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Texas, have had a restraining order placed on them by the courts.

Longview, Texas's newsjournal.com reports that the restraining order applies to Wood and Franklin counties and prohibits them "from interfering with, preventing, or obstructing construction of the pipeline."

We'll see if the court order actually deters protesters. I doubt it.

Check out the links to the left for complete coverage of the efforts to stop the construction of Keystone XL, ongoing for roughly two months.

Texas Keystone XL Protesters Hit With Restraining Order
I somehow doubt the court order will stop the protests...

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