Talk Like A Pirate Day: Celebrating a Whole New Ocean to Conquer!

Erebus and TerrorErebus and Terror, the way it used to be/Promo image

Arrr! Every year we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day by droppin our g's and v's to save pixels and energy and showing the same graph by Wellington Gray that shows the in'erse statistical relationship between the number of pirates in the world and the climbin' temperatures.

Then we point to the wonderful Sierra Club Green Pirate Quiz, still standing tall on the quarterdeck 'ere.

Franklin expeditionThe way it used to be/Public Domain
This year is different; Pirates everywhere are celebratin an entire new ocean to conquer. It used to be tough in the Arctic; The ice kept pirates out. No longer will we get stuck in the ice like Franklin did with his Erebus and Terror; we will sail right through it like the Belzebub II did a few weeks ago.

FranklinThe way it used to be/Public Domain

Mat and Brian do go on in posts like
Pollution from Drilling & Shipping In the Arctic Will Make It Melt Even Faster
Arctic Sea Ice Could Disappear in Summer by 2016
The Arctic's Most Productive Glacier Has Shed an Area the Size of Manhattan Over Last 12 Years
Arctic Sea Ice Now at Lowest Level Ever Recorded

But for pirates and our friends at Shell and Exxon, we're just gettin started. Aye, mateys, there's ambergris and oil and methyl hydrates and shorter routes to China and fish and a whole world to explore!

Talk Like A Pirate Day: Celebrating a Whole New Ocean to Conquer!
Pirates never had the Arctic before. Now they can sail right through it! Oil, fish, gas, a world to conquer!

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