Sustainable Development could be outlawed in Kansas

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Most people think that sustainability is a pretty good idea. The accepted definition goes back to the Brundtland Report of 1987:

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Others think it is a code word for the United Nations taking our freedom away. We can't have that, so in Kansas, the Committee on Energy and Environment has proposed a bill that would, as Tom Randall of Bloomberg notes, " prohibit spending on anything that won’t set Kansas on a course to self-destruction."

Randall called Dennis Hedke, the Chairman of the committee, and reports in Bloomberg:

Hedke said in a phone interview that he brought the bill to the committee on behalf of a group of “maybe a dozen” people who approached him about it. “The idea of sustainable development and its association with a range of activities is something that needs to be scrutinized in the public domain,” he said. Hedke declined to comment on what sorts of activities he was referring to and wouldn’t disclose who was involved in the group that brought him the bill.

According to CJ Online, Hedke's day job is as " a contract geophysicist whose client list includes 30 regional oil and gas companies."

agenda 21The Ind/Screen capture

Sustainable development is one of those terms that are part and parcel of the Agenda 21 conspiracy; why it was picked out from all of the other words environmentalists use in their secret code is a mystery to me. The word sustainable is a four letter word in North Carolina; Now sustainable development may become illegal in Kansas; who knows what's next.

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Sustainable Development could be outlawed in Kansas
A bill is introduced that would make it illegal to "to promote, support, mandate, require, order, incentivize, advocate, plan for, participate in or implement sustainable development."

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