Ducking Fight Over Womens' Rights, Santorum Swings Again At Environmentalists

Who will ring the bell to witness climate bullying?

Rick Santorum recently authored an anti-science piece on the Red State blog titled Blown and Tossed by the Winds of Political Correctness. In it he states:

"We know that climate changes over time, that the earth warms and cools over time. This debate is about whether human activity plays a role, and whether U.S. emissions cuts can have any effect when China and India refuse to go along. The apostles of this pseudo-religion believe that America and its people are the source of the earth’s temperature. I do not."

Who was he referring to with his "apostles of this pseudo-religion" label? The thousands of climate scientists who have studied climate change causation for most of their careers, perhaps?

Let's go with that for minute. If Rick Santorum indeed meant climate scientists are Apostles of a supposed "pseudo-religion," who, by inference, would be their pseudo-savior? Without Al Gore around to blame, Rick takes a swing not at President Obama, but at Mitt and Newt.

From the Red State-Santorum post: Romney, and Gingrich, take Santorum's blows.

In his book No Apology, Mr. Romney wrote, “I believe that climate change is occurring. The reduction in size of global ice caps is hard to ignore. I also believe that human activity is a contributing factor.” Last year, Mr. Romney said he favored “reducing our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may well be significant contributors to the climate change and global warming.”

Asked in a February 2007 PBS Frontline interview about President George W. Bush’s endorsement of mandatory carbon caps in his 2000 campaign, Mr. Gingrich said “there’s a package there that’s very, very good. And frankly, it’s something I would strongly support.” He also appeared in a 2008 television ad with then Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promoting the theory man-made climate change as fact.

Opportunity knocks for Congressional Democrats.
Wondering how a decade of climate science bullying might finally be concluded, I remembered the powerful ending of the 1985 movie Witness, in which an Amish farmer, alerted by gunfire on a neighboring farm, rings his farm bell at length as a call for other neighbors to bear witness.

As the event was described in Wikipedia, the "clanging summons all other Amish within earshot. With so many witnesses present it is clear to Schaeffer that he cannot escape, and he gives up."

Women of America from all political backgrounds recently came to witness after just one brave person, Sandra Fluke, rang the bell.

Who will ring the bell for rational thinking and for future generations to have a liveable planet? Now would be a good time to bait another over-the-top, right wing attack, don't ya think?

Ducking Fight Over Womens' Rights, Santorum Swings Again At Environmentalists
Santorum doubles down on climate protection values.