Stephen Colbert on Newt, Mitt, and Rick's Anti-Cleantech Idiocy (Video)

colbert cleantechComedy Central/Screen capture

Each GOP presidential campaign adviser has evidently told his boss to start pandering to the coveted anti-progress crowd. It is, after all, a sizable demographic.

Not all of these candidates are actually idiots. But in order to bash cleantech innovation, they must all play one on TV. Below, Stephen Colbert gleefully rounds up Mitt, Newt, and Rick's idiot greatest hits:

Newt Gingrich: Biofuels: ridiculous. Lunar colonies: a reasonable aspiration.

All this gets back to what I was pointing out in regards to the Tea Party vs. $50 light bulb debacle. Conservatives are digging their heels deeper and deeper into a narrative that technological progress should be scoffed at as some liberal agenda—nothing new, alas, but it they are fumbling for new lows here. There are only so many votes to be snared in the uneducated, global warming conspiracy theorist, techno-Luddite demographic, after all.

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