The State of Climate Change & US Climate Politics: A 16-Minute Crash Course (Video)

climate news michael mannYouTube/Video screen capture

If you feel like you haven't been paying close enough attention to the climate debate in recent months (or years), this TED talk by renowned climate scientist Michael Mann (yes, he of the 'hockey stick' fame) will bring you up to speed in half the time it would take you to watch a sitcom.

It's all there: A synopsis of the latest science, a look at the counterarguments from skeptics, and how recent events have impacted the climate science community.

Watch (via Global Green):

It might not be as exciting as other certain Powerpoint presentations about global warming that may or may not involve elevated platforms, but Mann does a really solid job of distilling the latest climate news into a single, digestible crash course. Forward this one to anyone who might need a refresher on the topic.

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