Fake "Let's Go!" Shell Ads Parody Arctic Drilling Push

shell let's goArctic Ready/Promo image

Last week, we wrote about the rather amazing prank pulled by the Yes Men: they faked the malfunction of a booze-spewing oil rig replica at a faked Shell Arctic drilling launch party, and the internets went wild. So, first, read about the multi-layered stunt—they also released a fake press release from Shell threatening legal action—and the following will make more sense.

It's a faux ad campaign for Shell's Arctic drilling operations called 'Let's Go!' that the company was supposedly unveiling at the launch party before disaster struck.

So, on an official-looking website, Arctic Ready, the Yes Men and friends have put together a series of images and materials that pretty hilariously lampoon the oil giant's push to drill in the icy, dangerous northern reaches of the nation.

Here are some favorites:

arctic shell let's go ad campaignArctic Ready/Promo image

arctic shell polar bearArctic Ready/Promo image

arctic shell lets go adArctic Ready/Promo image

That last one is a user-generated submission—make your own parody ad at the site's social gallery.

Fake "Let's Go!" Shell Ads Parody Arctic Drilling Push
This series of ad parodies continues the stunt pulled by the Yes Men and Greenpeace last week.

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