Saguaro National Park Says No to Bottled Water AND Soda Sales

It was big news when the Grand Canyon announced a ban (after first almost retracting it following a big donation from Coca Cola) on bottled water sales in the park. But this is even bigger (if at a smaller venue): Arizona's Saguaro National Park will stop selling not only disposable bottled water on site, but sodas as well.

The decision is expected to eliminate up to 40 percent of the park's recyclables—about 15 percent of the park's total waste stream.

In light of the announcement, Elizabeth Royte at OnEarth explains the old-school (and more sustainable) solution the park will use instead, and asks an important question:

Like [the Grand Canyon] and Zion National Park, in Utah, Saguaro will be installing hydration stations -- those contraptions formerly known as "water fountains" -- for filling reusable bottles.

If parks in some of the hottest, driest areas of the nation can take this step without fear of losing visitors to either disenchantment or dehydration, what’s stopping all the others?

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