Republican Climate Scientists Can't Get GOP Politicians to Return Their Calls

NASA global warming over past century video screengrab imageNASA/Public Domain

Believe it or not, there are Republican climate scientists out there—but their elected leaders just won't listen to them.

There's been a sharp rightward drift in the GOP since the rise of the Tea Party, and one of the issues they've hammered hardest is climate change. In the grip of the Tea Party GOP, it's become standard practice to proclaim global warming a hoax (see: Rick Santorum) to prove one's ideological purity.

So for the last three years, the prospect of enacting the needed political reforms to limit greenhouse gas emissions has dimmed severely, thanks largely to Republican opposition—even while the party's own scientists have been doing their best to sound the alarm.

Inside Climate News has:

tracked down a handful of leading climate and environmental scientists who have done so and are registered Republican or have a majority of their values in line with the party. All accept the consensus that Earth is warming mainly from the buildup of greenhouse gases produced from the burning of fossil fuels. And all say their attempts to talk with GOP politicians and their aides about climate dangers have largely fallen on deaf ears. Calls and emails to the campaigns of Santorum, Romney and Gingrich for comment were not returned.
It's further evidence of just how far the modern GOP has distanced itself from scientific realism. Climate change is clearly a nonpartisan issue based on decades of research and sound empirical evidence—but today's Republicans won't even listen to their own scientists to hear their case.

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