Quote of the day ties Agenda 21 to everything from Benghazi to Paula Deen

Truman signing UN Charter
Public Domain Truman signing UN Charter

In April we wrote State of Missouri bans Agenda 21; What would Harry Truman Say?. In fact the bill got vetoed by Governor Jay Nixon, who called the whole thing absurd, misguided and "chasing imaginary shadows around corners." (PDF of veto here)

Now there is a movement to override the veto, led by State Rep. Lyle Rowland, who says “I’m sure there’s going to be making fun and making light that I’m a conspiracy theorist but I’m just stating facts.” Rowland goes on to explain that the Mainstream Liberal Media buries the story and manipulates the news so that people don't get those facts. He's quoted in the Missouri Times:

“National media, I feel, is very skewed in their reporting of what is news and what is not news,” he said. “I think when you take a person like Paula Deen that made a racial slur remark 20 years ago when we have places like Benghazi, intrusion on people by the NSA and the Department of Revenue taking personal information. And all we hear about is Paula Deen’s racial slur? We’ve got our priorities wrong.”

Rowland said he thinks news about things that ultimately affect people isn’t what’s being reported on at a national level.

“I feel like the national media is skewed to the point that they’re not going to report on the government take-over,” he said. “We’re losing ground.”

Rowland clearly hasn't heard that the UN plans to ban deep fried cheesecake and make us all eat insects.

Quote of the day ties Agenda 21 to everything from Benghazi to Paula Deen
We learn that Agenda 21 is part of a much larger Mainstream Media plot to hide the UN takeover of the American government.

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