Plastic People Campaign To Overturn Toronto's Plastic Bag Ban

Toronto had a 5 cent tax for a while, but Rob Ford promised to get rid of it, even though it cut bag use by 71%. It didn't quite work out as planned; in June Ford went to Council to rescind the ban, and ended up with a ban on bags altogether; read Toronto is First Large Canadian City To Ban The Plastic Bag, And Rob Ford Is The Greenest Toronto Mayor Ever

Now, like everything else in Toronto, it is being revisited and the plastic people are out in force, trying to convince everyone, particularly dog owners, that they should come out and fight the ban. This commercial is the best they can do. As one commenter noted,

This is amazing! Apparently now have the technology to view advertisements from an alternate universe where paper bags do not exist??

Only in Toronto. We need paper bags for our heads.

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