A Picture is Worth: Agenda 21 and The Green Movement as Marxist Plot

book coverAgenda 21 and how to stop it/Screen capture

Agenda 21 is a 20 year old innocuous document from the UN promoting sustainability; Some think it is a Marxist plot to take away our land and pack us into tiny apartments. (See all our posts on it here) Tom DeWeese has built a career promoting the Agenda 21 Conspiracy at the American Policy Center; read more in Exposing the Influence Behind the Anti-Agenda 21 Anti-Sustainability Agenda.

Now he has written a new booklet, Agenda 21 And How to Stop It, that is full of good stuff:

The booklet, produced by American Policy Center, includes brand new step by step ideas on how to fight back in local communities, including definitions on property rights useful in writing legislation and a “Resolution to Protect Citizens’ Property Rights,” that is becoming a valuable new tool across the nation to challenge local planning regulations.

The cover dramatically exposes our secret, that the entire green movement is just window dressing, the tip of the iceberg that hides our efforts to create fear over climate change, trump the individual and ultimately impose government control and end capitalism and freedom.

And that's why bike lanes are evil.

A Picture is Worth: Agenda 21 and The Green Movement as Marxist Plot
The cover of a new book by a leading Agender says it all: Sustainability is just the tip of the Marxist iceberg.

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