Once again, the annual whine about fireworks.

firecracker in eye
Public Domain here's a firecracker in your eye via the Consumer Products Safety Commission via Gzmodo

When I started writing this post my wife said "There is TreeHugger again, sucking all the fun out of life." But let's get real about fireworks, particularly in this year of drought. They are indeed fun. They are also destructive, poisonous, dangerous and cause thousands of injuries every year and not a few deaths (two have died already this year, a kid in Nashville and an adult in Michigan). The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has produced a video (and Gizmodo did a neat GIF of the best parts) showing the many ways you can kill yourself with fireworks:

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Here is the video:

Not only that, much of the USA is going through serious drought, but state governments are so in awe of the loudmouths that this year they are often refusing to do bans; they would rather pay the cost of putting out the fires than deal with an electorate that sees everything as an attack on their right to burn the joint down. They write "Think about it. Celebrating Revolution and the government tries to say NO FIREWORKS. " They are banned in some cities like Cupertino, but others are refusing to deal with the issue; it turns out that a lot of charities make money on fireworks display, and a lot of people earn a living selling Chinese explosives in the US.

Salon, as usual, pulls no punches and notes that laser shows have a big future:

The show will go on in California’s major cities, at least this year. But if you want to blame anyone for ruining fireworks, you might look to climate change — as it simultaneously dries out and heats up the western U.S., the wildfire risk is only going to get worse. Add to that the coming megadrought, and we all might want to consider breaking out the lasers.

So without further ado, here are some of our previous posts explaining why fireworks do not belong in a modern green (or perhaps dried out brown) society:

It's time for the annual whine about fireworks. They are dangerous, they are polluting, and we should grow up already.

Last year I didn't do my usual complaint about fireworks. Perhaps I was just tired of comments like " I would argue that being a crybaby, fraddy cat pansie panted pxxxx on every possible subject get's old. Not sayin' Lloyd is, just sayin'." More in TreeHugger

That has all the links to past whines. But don't miss Brian Merchant's May We Look Back on San Diego's Mighty Firework Fail with Wonder

Once again, the annual whine about fireworks.
They are dangerous, they are polluting, and we should grow up already.

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