OccupyEducated Creates a Virtual Library for the #Occupy Movement: What Books Would You Recommend?

OccupyEducated.org virtual library photoOccupyEducated.org/Video screen capture

The other day I argued that the Occupy movement must think beyond physical occupation. While there's no doubt that commandeering parks and other physical spaces has been a huge part of the movement's early success, this tactic can only carry the momentum so far.

Besides the legitimate questions and debates around who gets to use public spaces for what purposes, from a simply pragmatic perspective it seems likely that each individual physical occupation will eventually be cleared o—either by use of force from authorities, inclement weather, or the simple fact that it is very, very hard to keep such make-shift communities going over extended periods of time.

So how can the movement preserve the work that's been done in these physical spaces? One project that is looking at just this question is the OccupyEducated.org initiative. In response to the confiscation and physical destruction of books at Occupy Wall Street, a group of activists have created a virtual library and education center that provides a list of primer books; hand-selected articles and commentary; author interviews and more to come. Occupiers are asked to participate by contributing to new "Top 5" lists for different Occupy topics, and to participate in constructive discussion forums.

The plan is to eventually also include book clubs, author Q&As and local library donation drives.

So what books would you recommend?

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