New Attack Ad Hits Gingrich For Talking Climate Change With Nancy Pelosi (Video)

newt gingrich nancy pelosi climate change adYouTube/Screen capture

Well, it was only a matter of time. Mitt Romney, now placing a distant second in the latest polls, has debuted a new attack ad featuring remix of the now-infamous Nancy Pelosi/Newt Gingrich ad in which the duo calls for action on climate change.

Here's the original:

Woops. It should be pretty clear why this is political poison for ol' Newt. Conservatives, especially the Tea Party base, has an irrational hatred of Pelosi, who they paint as emblematic of the hedonistic, gay-crazy 'San Francisco liberals' that middle America values voters are supposed to hate. Toss in Al Gore and climate change, and any good conservative should keel over upon viewing, right?

You be the judge. Here's Team Romney's latest attack ad, released today:

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Normally, I'd venture a point about how climate change has become so politicized that a simple bipartisan ad showing support from two figures of disparate backgrounds agreeing that we need to act could become nothing less than campaign kryptonite. But this isn't really about climate change. It's about Pelosi, Gore, and creating the illusion of betrayal. And we've known for at least an election cycle exactly where the GOP establishment now stands on climate change--in Neverland.

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