Neither Pessimism Nor Optimism Is Relevant for Greens, But Determination Is

Guy Dauncey futurist photoPeak Moment TV/Video screen capture

From UK Conservatives back peddling on environmental commitments to awful news about the state of Arctic sea ice, environmentalists could be forgiven for feeling pessimistic.

But according to futurist Guy Dauncey, author of Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Warming, asking whether we are pessimistic or optimistic misses the point. Much better, he argues, to ask whether we are determined or defeated.

Here he sits down with Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV to explore how we continue the fight in the face of such overwhelming odds. And he leaves me feeling determined, if not necessarily optimistic. From eating less meat through underwriting energy savings to supporting clean energy and alternative transport modes—we are not short of solutions. We just need to connect the dots and make it happen.

"If you're on a soccer team and you believe you're going to lose," says Dauncey, "you're going to lose."

I don't want to lose.

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