Mounties call 'anti-petroleum movement' a security threat to Canada

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We knew that the Canadian government wasn't fond of environmentalists (now Finance Minister Joe Oliver accused them of trying to " hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda." when he was Minister of Natural Resources). However now apparently they have got the beloved Mounties to carry their luggage. According to a report obtained by Greenpeace and published in the Globe and Mail, the RCMP wrote last year:

There is a growing, highly organized and well-financed anti-Canada petroleum movement that consists of peaceful activists, militants and violent extremists who are opposed to society’s reliance on fossil fuels...If violent environmental extremists engage in unlawful activity, it jeopardizes the health and safety of its participants, the general public and the natural environment.

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Evidently opposition to the development of the tar sands " runs counter to Canada’s national interest and links groups such as Greenpeace, Tides Canada and the Sierra Club to growing militancy in the “anti-petroleum movement."

Tides Canada is a Canadian charity that supports environmental causes and (surprise!) has been, along with 6 other charities, had its charitable status challenged by the Canada Revenue agency (the Canadian IRS) and has been subject to numerous audits. And now they have the Mounties on their case, who in their report clearly come out as climate skeptics:

The report extolls the value of the oil and gas sector to the Canadian economy, and adds that many environmentalists “claim” that climate change is the most serious global environmental threat, and “claim” it is a direct consequence of human activity and is “reportedly” linked to the use of fossil fuels.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police used to have such a positive image. It's remarkable how they have so totally managed to ruin it over the last few years. Now they are protectors of the oil sands and criminalize environmentalists. What a shame.

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Mounties call 'anti-petroleum movement' a security threat to Canada
Most people think of them as environmentalists, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have other ideas.

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