Mother Jones lists 6 ways the sequester hurts the environment

Congress is about to allow unnecessary and self-imposed budget cuts - known as the sequester - negatively impact a whole host of important government programs. Mother Jones lists 6 Ways the Sequester Will Mess Up the Environment:

Unless Congress takes immediate action, the dreaded sequester will take effect on Friday and automatic spending cuts, amounting to $85 billion, will take effect. In addition to slashing budgets for everything from educational programs to unemployment benefits, the sequester will also gut environmental spending, setting back the minimal progress that has been made on issues like fracking regulation, alternative energy, and conservation.

On Sunday the White House released a breakdown of how the sequester will impact each state, and the results showed huge cuts to clean air and water protection with New York and California taking the biggest hits at $12.9 million and $12.4 million, respectively.

Read the rest to learn more about how these cuts will impact the environment.

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