Most Americans Think We Can Afford to Fight Global Warming, Despite Crappy Economy

You might remember pundits saying something like this a while back: people are just too concerned with the stagnant economy right now to worry about fighting climate change. That notion, which was the prominent trope politicians used to deflect proposals for addressing climate change a few years ago, has since receded from view. Those same politicians are now adopting more extreme views, and arguing that climate change simply doesn't exist. This is, as you know, essentially the climate policy plank for the GOP in 2011.

But most Americans aren't buying such staunch denial, and they aren't buying the inaction line, either. According to a new study from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, a majority of Americans say they're willing to fight climate change here and now, smack dab in the middle of this crappy economy.

From the poll: "A majority of Americans (57%) now disagree with the statement, “With the economy in such bad shape, the US can’t afford to reduce global warming” – an 8 point increase in disagreement since May 2011."

Hooray! Cue up the expansive cap and trade plans and/or carbon taxes! Of course, some of those folks minds might change if industry interests and the GOP were to start calling any carbon-reducing measure an energy tax again, or if they were told their utility bills would go up, or ...

Regardless, it's good to see the willingness for action percolating again.

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