Mitt Romney: The President Can't Control the Price of Gas (Video) capture

I realize I'm beginning to beat a dead horse here (which I typically only tend to do literally and recreationally), but the fact that presidents and policymakers have little to no control over gas prices in the short-term has become so evident that even Mitt Romney broke out of his regularly programmed talking points to admit as much on CNBC:

“I think people recognize that the president can’t precisely set the price at the pump,” Romney said. Of course, immediately after, he resumes course and stumps for more drilling and opening ANWR and blah, blah, blah.

But, even in a momentary lapse of politispeak, Romney joins the 2008-era cast of Fox News in actually taking a fact-based position on rising gas prices—never mind that it pretty much undermines the basis for all of his recent attacks on Obama's energy policies. And don't expect him to relent on any of those; I'd guess that, just for a second, the instincts of lifelong business shark Romney, who no doubt has an acute understanding of global market forces, trumped the instincts of awkward Republican candidate Romney. Which makes sense, because that happens all the time, and usually to a far more damning effect than revealing that Mitt actually understands how markets work.

Mitt Romney: The President Can't Control the Price of Gas (Video)
Whether he veered off script or momentarily came to his senses, the Republican presidential contender admits what every Treehugger knows: Obama doesn't control gas prices.

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